Monday, June 15, 2009

I picked the sire up from Doug Eckel in March 2006. He called it "Celebes-Like".

This is Doug's description per his E-bay offering, item number 180354817858: "This is a Unidentified bifurcatum type plant from old plant collectors collection. The old collector told me its Bahia but I think it is what is sometimes called the large form of Celebes Island. I know it looks like hula hands but it is bigger than any hula hands I have grown and much more tomentum. It has medium green fronds with white undersides and lots of tomentum on the fronds, the shield fronds have some minor ruffles but most tight round shields."

While this cultivar can take a little more sun than most, I recommend that you keep it in dappled shade or just morning light. The more sun the lighter the fertile fronds & shield fronds become.

There are various sizes of this cultivar for sale. Any questions regarding this particular cultivar call Tom at 714-743-7824 or email me at